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New Venues Daily

Flash Tabs works hard day-in and day-out to add your favorite bars and restaurants to our network. If you don't see your favorite bar, please contact us using the "Request a Venue" link above!

Pay by Credit Card

Hate waiting for the check? With Flash Tabs you can manage your tab directly from your phone, close-out when you want and move on-to-the-next-one when you're ready.  It's that easy! Never leave your credit card behind again.

Easily Split Bills

I'm pretty sure they won't split the bill 18 ways. Let's just play credit card roulette? No? Don't get stuck paying the bill.  Flash Tabs lets your friends order to your tab and pay their share.

Earn Rewards

Not cute enough for the bartender to give you one on the house? When you use Flash Tabs, you can earn rewards at participating bars and restaurants. Redeem the rewards for free or discounted food or drinks!